Paint Protection

OzoneShield provides protection from the elements, giving your paintwork a long lasting gloss and outstanding shine. Additionally, your paint will have a smoother surface, helping to reduce the build up of dirt and grime. This means less washing and better maintenance of your vehicle.

Without any form of protection, any painted surface will quickly fade and deteriorate due to the everyday stress of the elements: including:

  • Road Grime, Dust And Dirt
  • Acid Rain, Alkali Pollution And Hard Water Deposits
  • Salt In The Air
  • Bird Droppings, Tree Sap And Spills
  • Chemicals In Car Washes
  • U.V Rays From The Sun

Less Work, More Enjoyment

Our market tests have shown that vehicles having Paint Protection applied requires less washing to keep it looking new and with Paint Protection we don’t recommend polishing or waxing either. You can see the difference with a car being protected by OzoneShield’s Paint Protection and one which hasn’t.