Caravan Dealerships

We are working with a range of Caravan Dealership Australia-Wide to help them provide the best products and services to their customers.

Benefits of Complete Caravan Protection Program

Enhance Caravan Resale

A completely treated caravan will always attract a better resale down the track. By protecting the entire caravan and not just parts of it, you can be assured that the next owner will be attracted to your vehicle because of its upkeep and condition.

Save Your Time

Say good-bye to waxing and polishing and spending endless hours cleaning your caravan. The sole purpose of the Complete Protection Program is to save you time, which in turn saves you money.

Life Time Warranty

Comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Have peace of mind knowing that your caravan is protected with a once off application and annual inspections. Which are carried out at your dealership for complete caravan protection, maintenance and upkeep.

Substantial Costs Savings

Talk to us today to find out how you can achieve significant savings by purchasing packages specifically designed for your caravans.