Car Protection

Ozone Shield offers a range of quality products and accessories to ensure complete protection for your new vehicle.

Window Tinting

It serves a very important function in protecting yourself & your car from the damaging rays of the sun. Reducing U.V Rays, blocking heat & reducing glare all help to reduce the signs of sun damage.Find Out More »

Fabric Protection

Keeping the interior of your vehicle looking new is an essential part of complete car protection. Not only do you need to consider the impact of the elements outside, but also the elements inside.Find Out More »
Audi Q7 V12 TDI /Innenraum

Leather and Vinyl Protection

Leather and Vinyl are most prone to the effects of the sun, especially your dashboard. Without proper protection they can easily dry out, crack and fade, deteriorating in looks quite quickly.Find Out More »

Electronic Rust Protection

Rust is possibly the most damaging to your vehicle & most expensive to fix over time. It is commonly thought you only need rust proofing if you intend to drive in salt water or live near a beach; But that isn’t the case.Find Out More »

Paint Protection

Be protected from the elements.OzoneShield gives your paintwork a long lasting gloss & outstanding shine as well as a smoother surface helping to reduce the build up of dirt & grime.Find Out More »

Our Advantages

Peace Of Mind

Assurance that your investment is protected by a warranty-backed maintenance program by us.

Ensure Better Resale

Protect your investment with OzoneShield. Maintain your shiny paint whilst preventing wear from rust and the elements.

Save Your Money

Spend less on regular maintenance and upkeep of your new investment.

Giving You Pride And Satisfaction

Your new pride and joy will be cared for and continue to look like new.

Applied at Your Convenience

Protected at your local dealership before delivery.

Save Your Time

Less washing! No waxing and no polishing!