Looking to offer a better After Market service?

We are one of Australia’s leading After Market dealership partners, working with Car and Caravan Dealerships Australia-wide to provide the best in vehicle protection products.


Complete Car Protection

  • Window Tinting

    Window Tinting serves a very important function in protecting yourself and your car from the damaging rays of the sun. Reducing U.V Rays, blocking heat and reducing glare all help to reduce the signs of sun damage.

  • Paint Protection

    OzoneShield provides protection from the elements giving your paintwork a long lasting gloss and outstanding shine as well as a smoother surface helping to reduce the build up of dirt and grime. Meaning less washing and better maintenance of your vehicle.

  • Electronic Rust Protection

    Rust is possibly the most damaging to your vehicle and and most expensive to fix over time. It is commonly thought you only need rust proofing if you intend to drive in salt water or live near a beach.

  • Interior Protection

    Leather and Vinyl are most prone to the effects of the sun, especially your dashboard. Without proper protection they can easily dry out, crack and fade, deteriorating in looks quite quickly.

Complete Online After Market Management

We’ve worked closely with our accredited dealerships to provided them a customised online after market management system to help them issue our Ozone Shield Lifetime Warranty Certificates.

In-House After Market Service

With our accredited Ozone Shield Application Training program we provide you with all the tools, resources and training to allow for our after market products to be applied to your customers vehicle at your dealership.